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Comprehensive services helping SME's thrive, grow & compete in the digital world

Web development



Staff Meeting

Our extensive knowledge of running and owning businesses gifts us the capability to analyze

business challenges, find solutions then apply them to fundamentally improve your enterprise.


Strategic Business Planning

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Client Services

Web development with computers

Nex Design is a web design studio specializing in creating unique, industry-specific websites. We work smart to ensure your digital presence is stunning, high-ranking, and SEO-friendly giving you a unique look and feel. 


Web Design & Development

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Marketing matrix

Nex Design offers our clients an opportunity to prepare a strategic marketing campaign to promote their services online. just get in touch. Every web design includes a basic SEO plan, to get you started. 


Marketing & SEO

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Nex design from your basic SEO plan can monitor and develop your online presence by studying Googles analytics data and suggesting improvements from the real-time data gathered. 


Staff office meeting

Our strategic business consultancy offers specialized and adapted services for larger companies, projects in product development, marketing, sales analytics and product positioning using Wix's enterprise plan, no project is too big.


Business Consultancy

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At Nex Design, our mission is to provide our customers with innovative eCommerce solutions. Our team of experts specializes in creating shopping, storefronts, checkout processes, customer service and more. 


We undertake an interview to understand the nature of your business, the markets you serve, your needs and what performance expectations you have for your website online.

Phase 1

Once we agree on the basics we proceed to develop the site into a hi performing, fully responsive, mobile friendly, GDPR compliant website inline with Googles CWV recommendations

Phase 3

The information gathered is used to create a styled layout that includes, colour theme, typeface, content and images to represent your needs. A live mock-up is prepared and visible for comment online.

Phase 2

Your website is then launched and will present the right image for your company inline with your brand and contain professional tools to assist you in managing your business. Performance will then be monitored.

Phase 4

The Design Process

All designs are unique and tailored to clients goals and design criteria agreed in the discovery phase. 

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Custom Design

Basic SEO settings, indexed, description, meta tag, page URL & comply with Googles CWV's

SEO Plan

Your site will be optimised for mobile and tablet devices on 3 breakpoints, desktop, tablet and mobile

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Mobile Friendly

All site forms in your design are optimised to comply with the GDPR regulation data protection

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GDPR Compliant Forms

On site completion you're immediately covered by Wix's excellent 24/7 customer support service

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24/7 Wix Support

Our premium designs include basic tools for you to run your business are integrated and set-up for further actions.

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Wix Applications

Googles recommended html navigation optimised sitemap for search engine crawls is included in the design

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To get your site up on the Internet all we need is your login details and your site will go live

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Domain Connection

We won't abandon you we're here to ensure your website performs, monitor data and adjust as necessary  

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Nex Design Support

What We Deliver

What it Costs


1 page website leads Generator

Classic Landing Page & Wix Blog


Unlimited pages

Classic Website & e-Commerce


Unlimited pages

Classic website with advanced apps

Prices Start from £1200.00

Wix Studio Website With Advanced Apps

Wix Studio is an advanced fully responsive creation platform for designers and web professionals. The platform combines cutting edge responsive design with smooth drag and drop. It offers advanced design and layout capabilities that allow you to create complex website designs ...

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