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Wix Freelance Web Designer

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Wix Freelance Web Designer

Wix Freelance Web Designer

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Client Services

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Web Design

Your website on the Internet is the first point of contact for prospective customers online, it represents and promotes your business, therefore it's a valuable cost effective asset and marketing tool, we approach your project with a focus on creativity, user experience, functionality, business development - digital marketing - SEO planning - web development - web design - aligned to your business objectives

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Book a one on one free consulting session for exploratory talks to establish a positive way forward towards your growth journey

One on One
Consulting Sessions


Your business development is carried out in a professional manner at all times with you managing the process focused on meeting your goals and objectives.



Tap into our vast knowledge and experience owning/running small to medium sized businesses with confidence that we understand business management 

Business Growth

Our Creative Core Team.

Nex Design Agency employs skilled knowledgeable achievers in specialised subjects and are extremely proud of the work they do for clients to achieve desired results and expectations.  

Design & Business Development

Responsible for design & client business development with over 40 yrs experience in running/owning SME's identifying growth potential & market penetration. 

Head of Marketing C&J

Main responsibilities are all things marketing and branding, James has created some unique initiatives to penetrate established markets with new product.

Finance Officer

Great with figures and a keen eye with observations on graphics and web design features. Amanda is a valuable member of the Nex Design team. 


Increase in website leads


Increase in online visibility


Increased brand awareness

Let’s talk about Numbers:

“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal:
It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill