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Wix Freelance Web Designer

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Wix Freelance Web Designer

Web Development Services

Our web development package is tried and tested offering you a fully integrated service to get your business found on the Internet with search engine optimization (SEO).

Adopting this process helps us to capture the unique qualities of your business and provides you with a working, high performing website that not only delivers results but gets your business found on search engines.

Nex Design is built on these key values, transparency, trust, honesty. innovation, diversity, inclusion, compliance.


Wix Freelance Web Designer

Monthly SEO Professional Services

Nex design will implement, monitor & analysis your websites Internet visibility performance and make any necessary adjustments to achieve  your SEO goals.  


SEO Services Strategy
  • Personal SEO plan  

  • Indexed on Google inline with Googles DWS guidelines.

  • Managing clients SEO strategy.

  • Search Phrase Optimization.

  • Core Web Vitals.

  • Localized SEO.

  • SEO Trends.

  • Outreach Benefits.

  • SEO Tips for Beginners.

  • Powerful SEO Features.

  • Tittle Tags Impact - & More 

SEO Price Plan 

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