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Wix Freelance Web Designer

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing package is tried and tested offering your business a fully integrated service to promote your business online via all the free social media channels.

Small businesses may be under budget constraint, however there are free channels of communication available to promote your business like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tick Tock and more.

Nex Design is built on these key values, transparency, trust, honesty. innovation, diversity, inclusion, compliance.


Social Media Marketing Price Plan

Social Media Marketing
Professional Service

Nex design will promote your company website via social media channels, ad campaigns etc,  to raise awareness of your brand to achieve  your company goals.  


Promote your web presence 

Consider whether you have the capacity or time to allocate enough resources required to promote your website on the Internet! Outsource this cost effective task, reduce employment costs  by using Nex Designs social media marketing service package and we'll do the rest. Times are hard, outsourcing is the answer! 

Upon receipt of your instructions we will contact you with 2 requests:

1. Grant us temporary access to your editor (as a contributor)

2. Client sets up social media accounts and provide us with login details for access rights (only clients can set up accounts in their name). 

Social Media Strategy
  • Setup free social media accounts

  • E-mail marketing

  • Ad campaigns

  • Blog posts

  • Register with Google my business

  • PPC ads

  • Special seasonal offers

  • News letters

  • Company announcements

  • Sales leads

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