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Pricing & Features

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Pricing & Features Packages

Start your journey with our start-up pack FREE design layout and upgrade as your business grows to unlock more features



Tailor-made package to meet unique business requirements. ​


What's Included

Custom Page Layout - Custom Design - Interactions - Revisions 8 - Launch Site - Domain - Mobile Optimised - Advanced SEO - 2 Months Performance Monitoring - Propagate Clients Content & Images - Social Media Integration - GDPR Compliant - No of Pages Unlimited - Responsive Design - Animation & Effects as Required

Wix Studio, an advanced web design platform offers a creative suite of tools for building stunning website business solutions for every type of project .

Ask for pricing and details to include 
animations in start-up, bronze and silver packages.

Options To Design Your Website

Let's start by assuming you've made the decision to own a website to promote your business online.

- How do you start the process of building your website 

- How will search engines to find your company?

- What are your options to build a website

- How to decide on the best way to proceed?

Depending on whether you go for simplicity or a more complex design will determine the tasks ahead.

Website builder programmes don't tell you about the complexity of not only designing and launching a website but the amount of tasks required to get it noticed on the Internet, so beware and look in-depth before you choose which path to go down.

We Create in Wix Studio

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