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Wix Freelance Web Designer

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Wix Freelance Web Designer

Wix Freelance Web Designer

Agency Consulting Services

Nex designs consulting services are geared towards the small to medium business sector to assist in developing online business opportunities at minimal cost.  

Small businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, spiralling employment and energy costs and need to evaluate financial commitments for marketing and running the business.

Nex Design strikes that balance between maintaining quality and cost cutting. 

Grow your Business

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Consulting services for growing your business


Web Development


Ongoing Web Consulting


Social Media Marketing

Monthly Retainer Professional

Nex design will keep the company website updated to your requirements at all times to achieve  your company goals.  


Monthly SEO Professional

Nex design will implement, monitor & analysis your websites Internet visibility performance and make any necessary adjustments to achieve  your SEO goals.  


Social Media Marketing

Nex design will promote your website via social media channels, ad campaigns etc,  to raise awareness of your brand to achieve  your company goals.


Working towards one single goal:

growing your business 

With today's fast moving technology, websites can quickly become outdated if neglected, rendering them useless. Signing-up to our monthly maintenance plan will guarantee your business continues to capture the unique qualities you provide maintaining the desired high performing website that not only delivers but promotes your business at the forefront of search engine results.


Schedule a free consultation today & discuss some growth ideas 

Someone from the outside looking in may be able to offer a different perspective on your business activity or if you want just share your thoughts and have a friendly chat about business matters that you may be concerned about, I'm a good listener. 

Results that speak for themselves

Nex Design Journal

Follow me for insightful ideas & inspiration

We're always developing ideas for SME's to gain a competitive edge on the mighty Internet against their principle competitors. So check out my articles they are full of thought provoking ideas for you to freely use & consider to build your business.   

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